Thursday, July 8, 2010

Frisbee: A "Real" Sport?

I am constantly dumfounded by the number of frisbee jocks I find during my intramural games. It truly is shocking to see guys who actually participate in frisbee because it's "their" sport. As in they grew up playing ultimate frisbee and worked at excelling in this.

Last night, I had a game on a ward team. I am in no way, shape, or form, good at frisbee. I just like to run around. I thought this was how everyone approached the game. I was wrong.

Two of our teammates are girls - the other team (all guys) didn't care. More than once did I see a male player on the other team hotly contest a frisbee intended to be caught by one of our girls. I understand (MAYBE!) shoving a girl out of the way when they are beating you. However, this was happening when the score was an absurd 10-2 for the other team or so. In other words, we were getting ROASTED, and these guys were STILL throwing our girls out of the way.

Early on in the match, a guy on their team called a foul on one of our guys for knocking the frisbee out of his hands when they both went for it in the air. The foul cost us a point, because it happened right next to our goal. THIS is the crux of my argument. This frisbee "jock" was tapped on the arm by our guy (who hotly contested the call), so he called a foul. Frisbee = Pansy sport for guys who can't handle real sports. Honestly, why do you think ESPN never says a word about it? Because they don't consider it a real sport. Don't believe me? It's not like ESPN is choosy about what sports they DO show - consider, for example, the fact that you can go on to and find stories and links to bass fishing, the WNBA, and Poker, for crying out loud. But frisbee? Nowhere to be found.

The moral of my rant is that everyone who takes frisbee seriously should get their heads examined. Seriously. By a Medical Doctor.

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