Monday, October 22, 2012

Plot Holes and The Avengers: What Gives?

This is my second blog devoted to The Avengers.  But I realized something last night that should be addressed:  How does a blockbuster movie like that get away with such glaring plot holes?

Let me first say that I liked the movie.  A lot.  It was a fun ride.  I enjoyed watching the Hulk smash things especially.  For some reason, that was particularly pleasing.  

A month later, I saw The Dark Knight Rises.  I liked that movie too.  A lot.  But suddenly, I realized that I was holding Batman up to a different standard than The Avengers.  Why?  What was different?

I mean, let's be straight up honest here.  The plot holes in The Avengers are too many to list, and GLARING.  To name a few:

- How on earth does the Hulk, who doesn't even know why the team bonded in the first place, gain control of himself?  And think/speak coherently?
- Since when did all aliens turn into Droids and die when the "power source" is destroyed (and when were we going to be informed of this convenient fix to a seemingly fix-less debacle)?
- In the ridiculous scene where Thor fights Ironman, why didn't Loki run away?  

More and more and more.  All of these are beautifully documented in, so go there to see the honest portrayal.  

And yet... we liked it!  Can you imagine if The Dark Knight Rises had those holes?  Wouldn't we have lambasted Nolan for ending Batman in such a ridiculous fashion?  We would have thrown our hands in the air and shouted and yelled and punched things if Nolan had taken such creative "liberties."  Funny thing is, Nolan couldn't escape some seemingly slight holes in the final movie, and thankfully, nobody seems to be crucifying him for it.  At least he didn't put these two characters in his movie.

So what gives, then?  Is it really just a matter of expectations?  Did I approach The Dark Knight Rises incorrectly, or did I approach The Avengers correctly?  Or is there more to it?  Am I being too harsh on The Avengers?

To be honest, I really don't know.


  1. I absolutely agree. When Bruce Banner turned into the Hulk at the end I thought, "What the heck? I thought he couldn't control himself?" Why in the world, then, did he go all bonkers in the aircraft and fight against Thor? I thought that was lame.

  2. Remember Loki's staff? that was IN THE ROOM with the Avengers, Banner himself even picked it up? it derived its power from the Tesseract (cosmic cube) and Loki used it to mind control people. the Tesseract is also known to feed off conflict and incite wars. So yeah, Banner was next to it, grabbed it even, and therefore was unable to control himself. It's not a plot hole, it was LOKI's PLAN. remember the scene where Black Widow interrogated him? and found out his plan was to get BANNER TO HULK OUT AND SMASH everyone on the Hellicarrier?

    Tesseract->Loki's Staff->Mind Control->Loki's plan-> Hulk loses control and smashes. Really not that hard to understand.

  3. - Hulk gain control of himself?
    Seriously, how did you not get this. At the end of the Hulk movie you see him getting control. Throughout the movie, on at least 4 differet occasions I can think of now, he hints that it isn't about not being angry, its about keeping control. Banner can keep control of the Hulk if he controls the transformation. He lost control when the Helicarrier was attacked, but kept control later.
    - Alien Droids.
    They didn't expect this to happen, but the alians were droids. The comics have always portrayed them as hive minded. Not a problem with the movie, and oversight on your side again.
    - Loki run away?
    Because he needed to be captured for his plan. Did you not watch the Avengers??

  4. @Mark Dennison, no actually you are the moron. The aliens were droids the whole time? At first black widow was dropping aliens with a glock, then a flying snake alien with flesh covered with armor can be stabbed in the head to kill him. But then we find out they were droids the whole time. So we can take out droids with 9mm with one shot? Wouldn't they be harder to destroy? How about another plot hole. Thor flys to a top a building and thunderbolts a bunch of aliens and destroys them. But then all of the sudden he decides that was too powerful, so I need to stop doing this and fight them hand to hand. Go ahead with another little kid excuse that Thor only has one thunderbolt at a time.

  5. @Dave and @Mark Dennison, so I'm supposed to just believe that for years Banner is scared to turn into the Hulk but he can really control himself (or learned it in a week)? If you could control it why wouldn't you just be the Hulk all the time? Then you could never lose control. It's about controlling yourself to not become the Hulk.
    And if the staff is mind control why didn't he just have the Hulk die and prevent him from fighting for his life?
    Also, since when do bees just die if a hive is destroyed (going off the hive theory). I can understand if they get disorganized and are easier to kill, but to just drop and die, are you serious?
    Also why did he have to play mind games with the avengers if he already had the tesseract? Because they were going to kill each other before the aliens came? Um, no.
    And you know what else was dumb? To cure Hawkeye you just had to hit him in the head really hard. What is he an old computer? They should have tried blowing on him like a nintendo cartridge to see if that would make him better.