Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BYU Football... Conspiracy?

Well, it all worked out. BYU's 2 QB situation finally came to a close, with both parties being satisfied. After sacrificing 2 games to the system, Bronco finally has 1 QB in Jake Heaps. He is the QB everyone wanted at the beginning. He is the QB of the future. He is the QB that has the BYU-patented passing arm.

Riley Nelson, on the other hand, also finished his career at BYU on a high note. He injured his throwing shoulder. Surgery required, he will not play for the rest of the season.

Convenient, isn't it? For Nelson to injure his throwing shoulder at this moment? Almost TOO convenient, I would say. Doesn't this scream conspiracy? This just seems too good to be true. I want proof that he actually has surgery. I want to see him in pain. I want to see the play he was injured on.

I argue that he indeed was NOT injured last week. Instead, Bronco approached him and said, "look, we are not going to start you anymore. So you can either way this shoulder sling, or go out as a failure at QB." What option do you think he would have taken?


  1. I'm skeptical. I don't think it was a conspiracy at all. However, I know NOTHING of the details. I just doubt any claim of conspiracy, period.

  2. You make it sound like the quarterback debate at BYU is now over. I say it just got interesting. Who's going to play every other possession for BYU now? That coveted spot just opened wide up. That heated Lark v. Munns debated just got really interesting. It's a close call between them. So close, in fact, that I just called Bronco up and it sounds like BYU is thinking about a three-quarterback system for the Nevada game.

  3. Dude you really believe that... Come on... Not that I do not believe in conspiracies but this is just too far out there.